TextView android:id="@+id/textView" android:text="Tamaño de texto 25sp (Scale-independent-Pixels)" android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:textSize="25sp" La diferencia principal entre un sp y un dp es que el sp preserva los ajustes del usuario respecto a la fuente . Copyright © 2020, Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons. Here is a comparison of how Reddit & Swiggy have their own approach to font size. It is a relative unit and therefore baseline of 160 dpi (dots per inch) screen has been selected. Spinner text size are called as spinner inside items font size which is easily changeable if we are setting up textview items all we have do is defining text size in textview layout xml. DP units can be converted into screen pixels by using a simple formula   px = dp * (dpi / 160. To define a custom scale factor, let’s first understand how “dp” is scaled. SP and DP fall into the category of android relative units. When you want your text to be flexible, based on the user preferences, defne text font sizes using SP (scalable point) units. That is, dp for margins. These are respectively; dp, dip – density independent pixels sp – scale independent pixels pt – points px – pixels mm – milimeters in – inches I would love to hear your comments/suggestions/corrections/questions! There is no definite rule for what unit of font size should be used. It all comes down to a preference of developers/designers of the app that how they want their app to look on different screens and if preference should be given to the user or not. Reddit is primarily used for content consumption, for them, it makes sense to go with “sp” approach, where preference is given to the user. Here is what Swiggy does. Let’s again take a previous example but with different DPI screens. Increase in the screen resolution will also increase the number of pixels represented in 1 unit of DP. When specifying text size, always use sp: Convert dp units to pixel units. The conversion of dp units to screen pixels is simple: They’re focusing on containing too many elements in a screen, if they had used “sp”, their design would have been completely messed up in case of larger font size. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Very accurate description. When specifying text size, always use sp: Convert dp units to pixel units. Screen size in Android is grouped into categories small, […] More posts on Mobile technologies plz.!! In some cases, you will need to express dimensions in dp and then convert them to pixels. 14px , 10.5px , 21px , 28px , 42px , 56px , Revealing the Hidden Biases in the Editorial Design of ‘The New York Times’. Clear enough, let’s use sp for font size and see results in different font preferences. So here is the complete step by step tutorial for How to change spinner text size in android programmatically. SP is similar to the DP unit but additionally it is also scaled according to the font size preference of the user. Use “sp” for font size and “dp” for margins, that’s the Law. Using dp units is a simple solution to making the view dimensions in your layout resize properly for different screen densities. Stretching your head for what font size to use in your new Android app? A user can increase or decrease the size of text according to his own requirement. “dp” — Density-independent Pixel — An abstract unit based on the physical density of the screen. Nobody Is Brave Enough to Redesign the Waffle, 5 Things Designers Should Spend Time On Besides Your Design Portfolio. We defined our own scale factors where it was necessary and used “sp” as well. This Android tutorial is to explain the difference between dp, dip, sp, px, in, mm, pt and what we should use when. These units are used in creation of user interfaces in XML and programmatically implemented in code. In our app Hush, we followed a mixed approach. Is Design Sprint Facilitation reserved for Designers only? Stretching your head for what font size to use in your new Android app? These SP or scaled pixels take care of this issue. It’s pronounced “sips”, and it stands for scaleable pixels. SP stands for scale-independent pixels, and DP is density-independent pixels. How Do You Know When a Typeface Is Truly Finished? Recommended unit for font sizes. This is the only primary reason for it, while I appreciate the point of using “sp”, this cannot be used when you are building an app which has complex design and you cannot compromise on even a pixel. I devide by 3 because base screen size in xaml is mdpi and us designer uded xxhdpi that is @3x of mdpi. When running on a higher density screen, the number of pixels used to draw 1dp is scaled up by a factor appropriate for the screen’s dpi. Well, not really. SP and DP are quiet the same, except that an additional scaling factor based on the user’s preferred text size. The Android platform allows dimensional values to be defined in a variety of ways. Use “sp” for font size and “dp” for margins, that’s the Law. Scale Independent Pixels —This is same as dp, but by default, android resizes it based on the font size of the user's phone. Before going into the difference let us understand some basic terminologies. This is to enable design a consistent UI across different Android screen sizes. The units I use in this section are “sp”. But is it that straight forward? Because it considers the font size preference of the user. SP is similar to the DP unit but additionally it is also scaled according to the font size preference of the user. When it comes to text sizes, you will want to use density-independent units like DP (device-independent pixels) and SP. For example, the font size we declared will occupy 21 pixels in HDPI screen size, if you feel 21 pixels are more, you can reduce the number of pixels or more until it fits into your design. DP is an abstract or virtual unit which is based on the physical density of the screen. From a design point of view, using “sp” is not the right thing to do.


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