Loss estimated at $250,000. A Pennsylvania Railroad locomotive overturned while rounding a curve at Beach and York Streets, killing the engineer and firemen and seriously injuring the conductor. Harry J. Due to the relatively mild climate and fertile soils of the region, Native American groups practiced horticulture long before the arrival of Europeans. He was sentenced on July 2 to fifteen years solitary confinement at labor in the Eastern Penitentiary, and to pay fines aggregating $237,530. Twenty-three children perished. February 19. William Dreydoppel's soap factory adjoining, was badly damaged. March 4. Loss, $30,000. October 16. January 26. October 14. Loss estimated at $450,00. General grocery stores first appeared in Philadelphia and the surrounding area in the early nineteenth century and increased in number after the Civil War as populations exploded in industrial cities like Camden and Philadelphia and their ⇒ Read More, The Delaware Valley’s frosty winters have always required residents to heat their homes for months at a time. City Museum Theatre, Callowhill Street between Fourth and Fifth, destroyed by fire. The yacht Minerva capsized opposite Kaighn's Point during a squall. Moore's successor S. Davis Wilson instituted numerous programs financed by Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal's Works Progress Administration, despite condemning the program during his mayoral campaign. New Oxford Presbyterian Church, cor. Loss $75,000. May 8. Benjamin Franklin (1706-90) ⇒ Read More, Located thirty miles southwest of Philadelphia, Wilmington is Delaware’s largest city and the New Castle County seat. Incorporation of Apprentices Library. June 11. The line of march estimated to be three miles long. It is also one that offers provocative examples of how people consider the past. It’s easy to jump from spot to spot and see everything. In September 1777, the British invaded Philadelphia from the south. The Declaration of Independence read to the people from the Observatory, State House Yard, by John Nixon. Loss, $75,000. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1972. Fall regatta of the American Rowing Club on the Schuylkill River below the dam, from Callowhill Street bridge to Chesnut Street bridge and return, estimated two miles. April 19. February 1. April 14. (National Portrait Gallery). The first free public library established by the city was opened at the Wagner Institute. October 27. Great fire. June 29. May 7. The banks resumed specie payments. The council would be made of ten councilmen elected by district and seven at large. March 21. Cornerstone laid of infirmary attached to Presbyterian Home for Widows and Single Women, Fifty-eighth St. and Woodland Ave. Germantown Ave. and Master St., occupied by D.F. In 1681, when William Penn – entrepreneur, scholar, religious mystic, Enlightenment intellectual – acquired Pennsylvania, he had a ready answer. Fire at 504 and 506 Market St., occupied by Ruth, Bennett & Co., china and glassware; S. A. Rudolph, paper; Joseph I. Meaney, boots and shoes, with some damage to adjoining buildings. The Lenapes and Dutch made peace when the Dutch captain David de Vries (1593-1655) arrived in late 1632. March 21. The act passed on February 2, making Philadelphia's borders coterminous with Philadelphia County, and incorporating various subdistrict within the county. "Ohio Day" and "Merchants' Day" at the Centennial Exposition. November 2. Destructive fire, Twelfth and Willow Streets. In 1683, he bumped that number to 18 and, interestingly, named three “peace-makers” to hear “small differences between man and man,” so that the colonists would not file lawsuits against one another. October 5. Dwelling houses, 143,936; inhabitants, 817,448; males over twenty-one years, 226,070. September 26. October 24. December 2. July 17. Loss, $100,000. Colonial surveyors established tract, manor, township, and county boundaries, laid out city streets ⇒ Read More, From small operations in the colonial era to elaborate social spaces in the twenty-first century, taverns in and around Philadelphia have been vital institutions, offering respite, nourishment, and camaraderie to travelers and patrons. April 29. This mill was the oldest in Pennsylvania, having been erected in 1697. The permit for the construction of the Reading Terminal Depot at twelfth and Market Streets, issued by the building inspectors. [99] Clark was succeeded by Richardson Dilworth, who continued the policies of his predecessor. June 6. June 19. Fire at the oil-cloth works of George W. Blabon & Co., Nicetown, destroying the coating, grinding and printing buildings.


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