Each company offers their own products and services. In addition to an easy-to-use and reliable gym management system, a gym also needs secure door entry systems that allow for the smooth flow of traffic. Great features and a very efficient support make this app one that you should certainly consider when opening a new facility or when in need of updating your current technology. The features available on the software can be useful to a fitness center of any size. ClubExpress powerfully integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms. Mindbody features marketing tools that let you launch targeted marketing campaigns and staff management features such as check-in/check-out, payroll, calendar integration and role-based permissions. Its main feature is an integrated membership management system that allows different membership tiers — including day and multi-visit passes — that runs on a pay-as-you-go credit system. Access control systems utilize electronic components at every restricted entry point in order to determine if a person is allowed to pass. SimplyBook.me is an online booking system that manages various functionalities, including accepting/managing appointments and selling different services. Teamsnap has Facebook integration and open APIs that let you integrate other business software. Fitness managers can use this club management software for team organization and streamlined communication. The app, in fact, is maybe the better designed gym management software on the market and features many marketing and CRM features that are not only great for the admins but also for the consumers that will never have enough! Many gyms have accounting books, payroll, employee files, client memberships and banking information located on-site. What makes the app stand out is the great performance of the app and its seamless customer experience. There is a wide range of prices when it comes to monthly maintenance fees. Some of the features we take into account include the scheduling capabilities, cross-channel support, analytics features and the richness of the CRM. Key Benefits For Fitness Centers & 24/7 Gyms. The software’s online logbook makes it easy to track member performance and advance them to the next level of training. Zen Planner can integrate with Google Analytics, Facebook, Mailchimp and other popular applications. Clamshell proximity cards and key fobs are also acceptable methods of tracking members and allowing member access to the facility. Cloud-based solutions offer advanced access control systems in which staff and clients use access cards or smartphones to access the facility. Creating a secure ambiance allows people to work out freely while providing staff with peace of mind. If an ID system is not currently in your budget, the ID ​card printing service from IdentiSys can ​produce your ID cards ​for you. Gym membership ID cards with embedded access card technology are used to allow physical access into facilities, ensuring that only members enter the facility and not intruders and non-members. Managers can sync the software with bank accounts and build a professional website for marketing. Zen Planner gives an overview of member profiles and allows you to design personalized workout routines. If example, a gym cleaning service may need access at night to sanitize the gym equipment. Go for a gym management system that balances the priorities of your personal trainers versus those of the managers. Ensuring the safety of your staff and your guests is an integral component to any successful gym. This gym management software is an all-in-one cloud-based solution with a variety of flexible features. Expect to increase that figure upwards of $2500 to $3500 for a card access service that covers 2-3 entry doors and services 150+ people. Solution Barcodes EDGE offers a comprehensive ID card product solution for your gym and health club needs. It is vital that the buyer does their homework and research in order to determine the cost of the service on a per user basis. Its online registration feature automates data capturing and payment processing. Other features include payment processing, inventory management and an integrated website. It can handle administrative tasks such as RFID member card assignment, service selling, text and email marketing and relationship management.


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