10). Biblical narrative Birth and family. R. xxx. (Genesis 45:1–28), Thus, Jacob (also known as Israel) and his entire house of seventy,[23] gathered up with all their livestock and began their journey to Egypt. Rachel and Leah were twin sisters, fourteen years old when Jacob came to their father's house; consequently they were twenty-one years old at the time of their marriage to Jacob (Seder 'Olam Rabbah ii.). The terms "elder" and "younger," applied respectively to Leah and Rachel (Gen. xxix. This requires Jacob to have had 12 children in 7 years. The Pharaoh honored their stay and even proposed that if there were any qualified men in their house, then they may elect a chief herdsman to oversee Egyptian livestock. Most of the Rabbis consider the idea of Rachel being an envious woman as incompatible with what has been previously said of her. Adam had Seth at 130 years old After they had consumed all of the grain that they brought back from Egypt, Jacob told his sons to go back to Egypt for more grain. Abravanel explains that she had accused other servants of the same crime in the past. 3). He assured Jacob that after his wedding week was finished, he could take Rachel as a wife as well, and work another seven years as payment for her. God thereupon promised her the restoration of Israel (Lam. For the New Testament Joseph, see, A group of West Asiatic peoples (labeled as. When they met, they embraced each other and wept together for quite a while. According to the "Sefer ha-Yashar" (section "Wayeẓe," p. 46a, Leghorn, 1870), Rachel herself prayed God to give her children, and God finally answered her prayer. Later, Rachel became the mother of Joseph (xxx. [31] All three insights are now widely accepted,[32] and the majority of modern biblical scholars date the Joseph story in its current form to the 5th century BCE Persian era at the earliest. [9] Before she died, Rachel named her son Ben Oni ("son of my mourning"), but Jacob called him Ben Yamin (Benjamin). This caused a stir amongst the brothers. At the well at Haran, Jacob found Rachel, Laban's younger daughter, tending sheep. The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod commemorates him as a patriarch on 31 March. She put them in the "furniture" of the camel on which she sat, and when her father came to search for them she pleaded sickness (xxxi. Even John Calvin, sometimes hailed as the father of modern grammatico-historical exegesis,[72] writes "in the person of Joseph, a lively image of Christ is presented. The first group identified, are Joseph's brothers when Judah brings up the idea of selling Joseph in verses 26 and 27. In other respects the two sisters were alike, both being ancestresses of kings, heroes, prophets, judges, and conquerors (ib. If you would like to have any of these, just click on the link or contact me. 16-20). He buried her on the road to Ephrath because he foresaw that the Israelites, when driven into captivity along that road, would need her intercession with God in their behalf (Midr. Rav Huna adds one more sale by concluding that after the Medanites sold him to the Egyptians, a fifth sale occurred when the Egyptians sold him to Potiphar. He interpreted the dream as seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine, and advised the Pharaoh to store a surplus grain. Here, Potiphar's wife (called Zuleika in later tradition) tried to seduce Joseph, which he refused. The cup-bearer's dream was about a vine with three branches that was budding. Rashi explains that Ben Yamin either means "son of the right" (i.e., "south"), since Benjamin was the only one of Jacob's sons born in Canaan, which is to the south of Paddan Aram; or it could mean "son of my days", as Benjamin was born in Jacob's old age. Rachel gave birth to Joseph, one of the most important figures of the Old Testament, who saved the nation of Israel during a famine. A study of the biblical story of Joseph: (Genesis 37–50). Today a site claimed to be Rachel's Tomb, located between Bethlehem and the Israeli settlement of Gilo, is visited by tens of thousands of visitors each year. Joseph’s life – family tree . The Puritan Board is a forum dedicated to the discussion of Christian theology in a Confessionally Reformed context. 1; Tan., Wayeẓe, 19; Gen. R. lxxi. 5 Fast facts about Rachel, mother of Joseph. [84] The remaining verses describe the migration of jacob's family to Egypt and the emotional meeting of Jacob and his long lost son, Joseph. In the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, Bahá'u'lláh states that "from my laws, the sweet-smelling savour of my garment can be smelled" and, in the Four Valleys, states that "the fragrance of his garment blowing from the Egypt of Baha," referring to Joseph. Laban pursued him and accused him of stealing his idols.


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