Wow, it is amazing that God made the trees! I've got a soft spot for Episcopalians, myself. Among other practices, we present the idea of God to her and ourselves by attending St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Oakland, an urban church that welcomes everyone and is largely driven by the goals of growing the church in reflecting the community; creating positive change for the most vulnerable; and being a positive place to raise Our Children. The Girl Scout Promise. It is imperative to not only teach children about our own religions but also to give them a sense of how theirs is not the only religion. Try not to dictate the answers to big questions. Volunteer at a local charity.
"If the being who created the whole universe can listen to you, that's pretty good," says Neifert. Instead we direct, accompany, and introduce a child to these important parts of life.

He is just so big & strong & powerful that He can do anything!

I would urge you not to end there, though. I'm hoping you'll have great suggestions for me! The Kids book of World Religions by Jennifer Glossop is a great tool for parents explaining religion to a younger group of children (3-9). The other day, we were passing by this gorgeous church downtown Oakland and my 3 1/2 yo asked me what it was. Being part of such a movement, being part of a religion, and introducing your children to it, is a great thing. I … But that doesn’t mean they must respect religious intolerance. But the world, and even the Bay Area, is full of people of faith who are good people doing wonderful and life giving things. Best of luck. And then you can go on and explain about biology and how it all works i.e. You are making the effort to take your kids to a place where they can learn about faith and that's a great start. Wendy Thomas Russell is an award-winning journalist and co-author of the "ParentShift: Ten Universal Truths That Will Change the Way You Raise Your Kids." Set an example by telling her, "I'm so thankful we have this sunny day to go for a hike, aren't you?".
Making sure that our children understand how people in our world differ and what causes this is an important trait that any young person can have. That’s why it’s so important to Grandma that you believe what she does.” One caveat: If there’s a risk a family member will say something harmful or hateful to your child, the faith-sharing privilege is off the table. Each class (kindergarten thru grade 8) has a service learning project in Oakland. Introducing religion to your kids doesn’t have to be a big challenge. Tell them that the existence of God, in any shape or form, is something no one can prove or disprove, which is what makes it so easy to debate. People look askance, ask if you're brainwashed, treat you like a bible-thumping, Bush-loving automaton. Your answer can become apporpriately more complex as your daughter grows older. Help! Build on family traditions.

Introduce her to the idea that the Earth is a gift, and that our survival depends upon the survival of the planet. You know, I would never presume to tell anyone what they need to believe or how they need to practice. It's pretty much what I've been telling my kids all along, too.

And be sure to tell the same family stories during holidays that you listened to as a child. You can always read reviews and testimonials. They simply believe in god. Just look at Jimmy Carter, Anne Lamott, and Stephen Colbert. They cut out and color symbols for each faith, such as a Star of David for Judaism and a cross for Christianity. Next question would be ''what is heaven'' and you could say that it's a beautiful place where people go when they die. One specific lesson for example, focuses on the patriarch Abraham, teaching how he was the father of faith. The world's spiritual traditions are full of stories designed to explain everything from how the world was created to why people sometimes do bad things. If your child needs a nudge in making up his own prayers, help her along with what Neifert calls "ping-pong" prayers: You suggest a simple phrase such as, "Thank you, God, for..." and she fills in the blanks. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 to promote understanding between Christians and Jews, and build support for Israel.

I get the impression you already know this (and probably have experienced it). when my son was six he couldn't identify a church on a speech test which used pictures. But, when they turned 4, they asked me about death. So go with your child to church. Let me also recommend the book RAISING SPIRITUAL CHILDREN IN A MATERIAL WORLD: Introducing Spirituality into Family Life, Phil Catalfo. We see the Spirit working in her and through her, though it may or may not be someone else’s notion of spirituality or religion (we believe no one is free to judge another‘s spiritual path). In many ways, children will pick up their cues from you as a parent, especially their mothers. 4. If you want to make your own opinion, it may be a good idea to review the content before sharing it with your child. So, if you're a parent struggling with how to include religion in your life, I think it starts with, first, examining your own beliefs and how you feel and talking it over with your partner if that's appropriate. And the age at which you introduce a child to a religion is no indication of how strongly, or if, or for how long, they will believe in anything. Ghosts & goblins are just stories that somebody made up for fun but God is real. No. How to explain religion to my almost 4 year old? If any of you are in this boat with me, how are YOU presenting the idea of God to your babies? God lives everywhere, according to the faithful. Katie. Your email address will not be published. My husband and I were raised in a catholic family although our parents never had us attend to mass unless in was for wedding etc. • Tax ID: 46-4347971, About BPN • Contact BPN • Credits • Terms of Use, Connecting Bay Area families online since 1993, Daycares & Preschools with Current Openings, Parent Classes, Workshops & Groups with Openings, Advice about Classes, Camps, Groups, & Tutors. I am certain that my exploration will be a lifelong journey without arrival at a destination.

Teaching little kids about these big ideas isn't so easy. Just because you’re a nonreligious parent doesn’t mean you have to shield your child from religious family members. My son had difficulty as he grew older with the conflict set up in our society between science and religion, but the power idea helped in that regard. And many people say that if you believe in God, you will go to live with God in a place called heaven after you die. If your kids prefer to draw battle lines for themselves on these matters, great! No GPS. Read Make sure you’re open with them and honest about your beliefs. You're very welcome in any Catholic church, regardless of whether you've been to Church in 20 yrs or more (no one would really care to know anyway). If you're raising your child in the same spiritual tradition that you were raised in, be sure he knows that he's carrying on family rituals that were passed along by his grandparents and even great-grandparents. Most churches and synagogues also have children's services that introduce kids to the tenets of a religion in a way they can understand and enjoy.

Tell them about religion from a dispassionate viewpoint. It's by a rabbi's wife but it's not blatantly Jewish. I found this idea terrifying and have grown up with a deep seated fear of death that I vowed I would not pass on to my child. I think focusing on how much God loves him is probably a good way to go. Nov 24

Those are three important reasons why I don’t drive in developing countries. I’m planning on taking my daughter to the local Sheikh temple soon and to show her how generous they are the way they provide free food to visitors and to explain some of what they believe and why.

Learn more about the IFCJ here: That's what you have to do with faith if you want your child to have it. Or use the santa claus stategy. A “graven image” is described as anything worshipped in place of God — whether it be other gods or demons, power, pleasure or money. The idea is to let your child know that God, or the divine spirit, is always available. Please don't pass those views onto your daughter; they're incorrect, as well as being pretty dismissive.


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