Jason, just acknowledge (to yourself) that your memory is fine and you’re just in a different reality now. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. !” Is it posible I’ve died three times, and with each death I wake up in a new Earth, or new simulation. I can’t sleep for more then 3-4 hours, but each time I wake up, I feel invigorated and motivated. They have actually always been spelled Froot Loops! I do remember what the jar looked like now, it was red, yellow and blue, with Jiffy in bold letters. I suppose that his comment may be best reserved to you on a different page, but I wanted to respond to you in this timeline on this page. What about this household peanut butter brand? Does anyone else have a memory of the peanut butter brand Jif previously being called Jiffy? http://allanpeters.com/wp-content/uploads/jif_four.jpg. I loved the hell out of those books growing up – had them memorized. Another possible explanation to the Shazaam occurrence could be that Sinbad actually dressed up as a genie for a movie marathon that he was hosting in the 90s. The role the internet has played a heavy influence in getting people to believe something that isn’t true. How do you remember the lyrics to the theme song of this show? Its like obvious to me that JIFFY was a cool name but JIF ? I was a competitive swimmer for most of my life. Account active I also know of the Jiffy Pop, Jiffy Lube and Jiffy baking stuff, so I know I was not getting confused with those products. I was born in 1988 and remember it being called Jiffy and the jar was red and yellow. I also tend to have vivid dreams, so mix that into my memory bank and I have a matrix like existence anyways. I remember waking up one mourning and I didn’t recognize the body I was in or who I was or where I was. The bread brands/taste was completely different from other stores and was down the aisle from the Jiffy on the same side. In my lifetime, the USA has always had 50 states.”. When I went to grocery stores there were 2 main brands that I remember noticing – Skippy and Jiffy both ending with y. Hence, the name ‘The Mandela Effect”. That gave me a great starting point for my own research. have felt this techno creepyness here since about 2011 ,so to those who have similar memories: HOW DO WE GET BACK TO OUR OWN UNIVERSE?? The product (as “Mrs. But in my childhood memories, it was Jiffy. Over time, this confusion may have created a false memory in people’s minds leading them to misremember Jif peanut butter as “Jiffy” peanut butter over and over again- to the point where they were convinced that the false memory was true. https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/fanny-anns-saloon-sacramento?select=mthdgdm-10ZzcCWUwIozSA, Edit 1: Apparently some craft brewers also made a Jiffy Peanut Butter Stout as Well, https://untappd.com/b/three-palms-brewing-skippin-a-jiffy-peanut-butter-stout/687833. I was really confused by it. He was singing the jingle. I remember because when I was little I thought jiffy and skippy company owners were stupid for having names that rhymed. I just googled “Jiffy peanut butter” and can find many many entries referring to it as Jiffy. This could be one possibility to the Mandela Effect. I afraid that I going to wake up one day and find more things have changed in life, very very freaky. (Okay, some alternate history memories fit that concept better than others. The way I see it is, whether they’re “chips” or “crisps” (American v. British), the snacks are the same. What Does My Birthmark Mean In a Past Life? The sale made him quite wealthy and he got into horse racing in Kentucky. I only remember it as Jif and this is because I remember that my grandmother used to store it in her fridge door. Many believe that their favorite peanut butter was most definitely called "Jiffy." (2009 – 40 = 1969 ) A 2010 BrandChannel.com article [link not working at the moment] was closer to truth, saying “for nearly 50 years.”, The company’s main website is more vague about the product’s history, saying “…for over 50 years.” (2015 – 50 = 1965), Compared with most products’ histories, that’s unusual. The misinformation effect, affects people’s reports of their own memory. I remember it changing for me at one point and thinking that they had just shortened the name and rebranded it because even the slogan "choosy moms choose jif" seemed new to me at the time. The Mandela Effect is a GROUP of people realizing they remember things differently than is generally known to be fact. I no longer remember the tune, but there was a bit about mom can make it in a jiffy, and aren’t you a jiffy kid. In this era, the Mandela Effect could be explained with how quickly false information circulates. Yes, I do remember. Thanks! Young who invented the brand under a different name, and then sold it to Procter and Gamble. Many years later, I learned of the Mandela Effect and found that this was another of its examples. http://www.davidtucker.me/paint-it-black/mrs-butterworth and https://www.pinterest.com/adastra62/mrs-butterworth-folk-art/ Kind of a cool discovery. Others propose that it's evidence that time travelers are changing history. Reddit user Listenbudday wrote they distinctly "remember holding a jar of Jiffy" in their hands, and another user JuliaGulia1964 wrote that they "ate Jiffy nearly every single dang day as a kid. Amazon has listed the product name as “Jiffy” and this only serves to reinforce the confusion about the name. I do rember Jiffy peanut butte. Fiona Broome first encountered the strange occurrences when she was at a conference. No date of origin. Broome began discussing the tragedy of the former South African president Nelson Mandela with other people at the conference . All I will say is that place had major-freaky vibes going on. I know I’m not getting it mixed up with Jiffy popcorn because I had never heard of that until looking through this page. there is a company named Jiffy, isn't it? However there was also jiffy pop popcorn, so I chalked it up to the 1950s loving the word jiffy. This isn’t real. No one like them. © 2020 | Scarenormal | All Rights Reserved, FBI Document Claims Nikola Tesla Is From Venus. I love your correlation of peanut butter to time references. I always assumed that they had abbreviated the name to make it “cooler.”, When I was a kid in the 80s, I recall the jar saying Jiffy. A thought though on the skeptic side, could it be possible they wanted to avoid any copyright issues at the time? Accepting that you’re fine is an important key to coping with this. For example, if you were to say — at the Berenstein Bears post — “I remember Berenstein Bears and chartreuse as a purplish red, but here in San Diego, I’m pretty sure Jif peanut butter was always Jif, not Jiffy,” that’s useful. I assumed they changed their name. Many customers of this beloved brand clearly recall “Jiffy” as the original brand name. I’m questioning myself because I read someone else’s comments on this on line and they mentioned “Jiffy Pop Popcorn” which we also had as a treat sometimes. I find it a little strange that I don’t recall any celebrity anomalies, but that’s not my balkywick. Peanut Butter Jif Peanut Butter / Wikipedia. When I was in high school, (probably 6 years ago) a friend of mine had a dog that ate peanut butter in the most hillarious way. So I went home this week and I started explaining the Mandela Effect to my parents. An example of recalling false memories is using the example of Alexander Hamilton. I don’t know if anyone even remembers that store. I ate lots and lots of Jiffy. Do you remember reading the popular children’s books The Berenstein Bears to your children or grandchildren? I said, “Jiffy of course.” The line was quiet for a few moments while he looked until finally asking “Do you mean Jif?” We bickered back and forth about it for a few minutes as I was sure he was over looking it.


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