I had not used it much, but it also has auto-drain issue, similar to the TIP CRI I mentioned. You have to double tap just to get the thing on and it always starts at 1 lumen and then goes up. On the back the package goes through the simple models. The only draw back is trying to attach it to the light. The button is raised and has an audible click in addition to the right shape to be pressed easily. To get to the auxiliary modes triple click from off, single click changes modes. It’s very bright and on the lowest setting will last about 40 or so hours. Inside the package we find the Nitecore TIKI and a small carabiner to attach it, for example, to the key ring. I liked this light while it worked, but $20 for a flash light that fails after two months of “light” use is not a good EDC purchase. The Tiki LE default is the Red LED, click again and it goes blue, then again and you red/blue cycling option. No data is given on the red or blue LED options on the LE version. Will be purchasing more for friends as gifts. Top subscription boxes – right to your door. The author of that article called the PWM "very bad". As IP66 rated, ultra lightweight and little finger sized, the TIKI GITD has a primary max output of 300 lumens constructed from phosphorescent PC (V0) materials. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Single click again and it goes to high cri blinking. It’s so small and so light while also having a really powerful LED, not to mention that it’s also USB rechargeable it’s the perfect torch for an ultralight backpacker who’s not going to be blazing trails so much in the dark, but want a bright light at camp with enough modes to dim if there are other hikers around and to go for a midnight toilet break. Instead, I could just reach around and grab the Tiki from my shock cord and I was on my way again. I have not had it long enough to rate the battery life, and the 4 stars on durability is due to I dropped my keys ant it left a visible ding just below the lens. After 8 months of edc use on my keychain I have only recharged my first tiki maybe 4 times… On the key ring easily removed with the clip it comes with it. Today I am taking a look at the Nitecore Tiki and Tiki LE keychain lights. I also have a Nitecore TINI with the same issue, unfortunately I think it was at first working, so I hadn’t reported to the seller. I am not that sensitive to PWM personally but can see it on these lights in the lower modes easily. The Nitecore TIKI LE is the ultimate USB rechargeable keychain flashlight. The dimensions are really tiny considering the 55mm in length and the 14.7mm in diameter. A slow double press turns the light on in Low mode, with single presses going up in output (4 total modes). This is what the world of mini flashlights has been waiting for. This puts these lights a bit smaller then your average AAA keychain light and just a little longer then the Olight i1R and Lumintop Glow I recently reviewed. The Nitecore TIKI has multiple charging safeguards; Overload protection, over discharge protection and short circuit protection. Hi. The LE version is a black plastic thats semi transparent on the side LED’s. I never write reviews, ever. The TIKI has 3 light sources: white light, … u cant see the pwm with the naked eye, you only see it on camera. The scope captures don't show frequency, but the time scale is 1ms, and the waveform period looks like about 1.9ms. https://www.nitecorestore.com/NITECORE-TIKI-300-Lumen-Keychain-Flashligh... https://flashlight.nitecore.com/product/tiki. I will get a second one for sure, maybe even more. As IP66 rated, ultra lightweight and little finger sized, the TIKI GITD has a primary max output of 300 lumens constructed from phosphorescent PC (V0) materials. YouTube Version of this Review: https://youtu.be/5_gcMlMnMSk, Join the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LiquidretroReviews/, Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liquidretro/. I asked Nitecore about this and they declined to comment on if there was any collaboration or licensing here. If I don’t used it for long time like a week or two, the battery is completely discharged.


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