Belted Galloway grass fed freezer beef and Registered Belted Galloway heifers for sale as available. On average, the price of a Belted Galloway heifer will start from {MALES}, whilst a bull will cost from {FEMALES}, and prices start from {YOUNG} for a calf. All Rights Reserved. Excellent quality. Then in 1988, Anderson brought over several animals to add to his steadily growing herd. Female Belted Galloway offspring are sold to other breeders. On poor land they are unrivaled...there is no other breed worth more the pound weight than a first-class Galloway." Registered Hereford Bulls, Cows, Heifers and calves. Can be sold registered or commercial, singly or as starter herds. More information about the breed can be found on the Belted Galloway Society website. The inital sale of the annual event will be held in October. Galloways, when properly finished, will dress out at 60%-65% of live weight. His mother is a red & white, so he can improve your chance of adding a little color to your herd! POA: Arie Eyles Phone: 03 5345 6468 Email: 27/4/20: Miniature Belted Galloway Bulls. In building our herd we did research to make sure that we had the best pedigree. Punctuating a ridge of Vermont’s Green Mountains, some eight to eight and one half miles south of Rutland, there’s a nearly vertical upthrust that wears the name of Susie’s Peak. A Farm, LLC. This advert is located in and around Worcester, Worcestershire. Our infrastructure includes a heated and cooled facility known as “The Dawg House” which provides a clean and safe environment for our dogs. The first calves of Bolebec Dun Controller were dropped in the fall of 1989. Quality stock, A passion for the work, Keep the cows feed well and healthy. One more thing: “They are really beautiful out there, grazing. They are quiet, docile, and easily handled. Belted Galloways boxgeek 2019-04-03T19:43:44-05:00 BELTED GALLOWAYS The Belted Galloway (also known as an “Oreo Cow”) is a heritage breed of cattle, known for their quality marbled beef and their striking appearance. ~William McCombie - pioneer breeder. "A great shout was heard coming from the direction of the manor (Chartwell Manor in Kent, Sir Winston Churchill's home). Schulenburg, TX 78956 The herd started in 1977 when Anderson purchased a bull and several heifers from the Aldermere herd of Mr. A.H. Chafield, Jr., of Rockport, Maine. "The Galloway undoubtedly has many great qualifications. And because of the rich milk they produce, their calves do very well. The Adela Rose Farm features Registered Belted Galloway beef cattle. We welcome inquires from anyone interested in more details about this remarkable herd and will be glad to put you in touch with any of these breeders. Male Belted Galloway offspring are raised for local grass fed beef. The Belted Galloway Cattle Society in Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway during the month of October each year holds their Annual General Meeting and Breed Society Show where breeders and cattle men are able auction their respective breeds to potential buyers and cattle men. Semen has been all over the US and even South America. The beautiful symmetry of a herd of Belted cattle does more - it commands admiration... And as I draw nearer to the end of the pilgrimage of life...not least among my blessings I count the pleasure I derive from the great love my daughter has for (the herd) and the knowledge I have that she will hold on to her Belties for as long as she is able." Anderson Hill Farms will be offering another internet sale of high quality Belted Galloway Breeding Cattle in October 2016. Belted Galloway grass fed freezer beef and Registered Belted Galloway heifers for sale as available. This was from Mr. Churchill...he said it was all right, he was only shouting a welcome to the newly arrived Belties!" In addition it showed that Belted Galloway beef had the same fat content as chicken and fish so fits in well with a healthy diet. Freyburg Belted Galloways is located in the little community of Freyburg in the rolling hills of Fayette County, Texas off I-10 between Houston and San Antonio. "Belties are without any doubt the finest breed in the world." 2740 FM 2238 15 recently calved Belted Galloway cows For Sale FOR SALE. At A Farm, we like to keep it simple. "We've enjoyed sharing the Beltie story with our community and friends...they're known as 'Oreo cattle,' 'Police-car calltle,' 'Texas zebras,' or 'Moonbeam cows' - the last a reference to a beautifully illustrated children's book about Belties." Bolebec Dun Controller should be particularly noted for his outstanding conformation and type and powerful back quarters, a very important feature of Galloways, sought after by breeders around the world. Southwest Belted Galloway Association, Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC), Belted Galloway Society. Whether you are looking for registered, purebred Herefords to bring a new genetic trait into your herd operation, or if you are looking for good Hereford bloodlines to cross with Angus, Simmental, Brahman, and Brangus to maximize heterosis with a commercial herd, we have options for both. Two registered Black Belted Galloway heifers for sale: Daisy Mae, DOB 4/01/19; and Patches, DOB 6/24/19. All cattle are kept up to date on wormings and vaccinations. The rest of the cow, back and front, must be solid black, red or dun with no white anywhere else on its body or face. You can see our herd sires by clicking on the link below. Belted Galloway beef is exceptionally tender, full of flavor and juicy and were the winners of the 2003 Sydney Royal Show "Beef Taste Test". 5/30/20 We rotate bulls to avoid inbreeding and use foundation bloodlines. The Adela Rose Farm features Registered Belted Galloway beef cattle. "The Beltie had a sweetness which marked it down as almost perfect beef..."     ~Giles MacDonogh., London Financial Times, September 10, 2000. These animals, all told – and particularly Bolebec Dun Controller – represent an outstanding new infusion of purebred Belted Galloway stock in the United States. Their heavy coat, consisting of a short undercoat and a shaggy overcoat, not only provides heavy protection in cold and wet weather, but eliminated the need for a thick coat of uneconomic fat under their hides. All rights reserved. N. Carolina (Breeders since 1969). We have some of the best Belted Galloway pedigrees from GBA, CAN USD, including Hideaway Hill, BFG Rose Farm, Uphill Farm, Aldermere and Lullenden. Its name: Anderson Hill Farm – a piece of rugged yet rich Vermont land that the Andersons have been reclaiming from a state of gradual benign neglect in which they found it 20 years ago. There are calves, yearlings and bred heifers for sale as well as an occasional cow/calf pair. Pure bred steers and pedigree heifers always for sale, from 9 months of age, well handled, can deliver. When we arrived at the farm to finally meet a Beltie face to face, we found out that they had just purchased a small herd consisting of a herd bull, 2 heifers and a cow with a calf and they were for sale. Our love for “Belties” began in 1990 while driving from Austin to Brenham when we passed the Rose Farm and saw these mesmerizing cows & wondered how in the world they came out looking like Oreos! Registration complete awaiting certificates from the CLRC. © 2007 Anderson Hill Farms. Powered by. We offer a full line of cattle consisting of Hereford and Beltie Bulls, Bred and open heifers for show or replacements. Our registered Belted Galloway Bull Cow Calf herd consisting of dun, black and red colors. Female Belted Galloway offspring are sold to other breeders. WOW, a ready-made herd!! Here is a great looking young 100% purebred registered Belted Galloway bull calf, Mad Mike. The Adela Rose Farm features Registered Belted Galloway beef cattle. If the Roman army enjoyed the tasty beef of Gaul this would make perfect sense." And helping me restore the land at the same time,” says Anderson., Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC), Belted Galloway Society (Pedigree Details) The herd now has had numerous crops of offspring form Bolebec Dun Controller and the results have been most favorable: better conformation, powerful and wide hindquarters, better overall balance, and nice heads. Guaranteed in calf to Coulmony Bayley Junior Champion and Reserve Champion at Castle Douglas show and sale … 12 months & 2 years old. A hardy breed, they are naturally polled and are distinguished by their thick heavy coats with white belts around the middle. And wrapped around the entire slope of that mountain, from its base to its summit, are something like 700 undulating acres of meadow, pasture, and woodland that constitute the unfolding dream of Richard C. Anderson. "Belted Galloways are rare, productive and possess quiet, intelligent dispositions in addition to being 'cute.' Contact Scott Dowell, D4 Land and Cattle, Tuscola, TX call or text (325) 669-5692 or e-mail For Sale: 8 Angus, Angus Cross, Belted Galloway, Black Angus, Hereford, Red Angus Feeders Pedigree registered Belted Galloway Heifer for sale from the Gruige Herd NI. From this small herd we have sold four registered herd bulls and two registered heifers along with several steers. Registered Herefords • Registered Belted Galloways - Just A Farm!


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