Disord. J. Neuroimmune Pharmacol. I took Sinimet four times a day to control my symptoms, which include falling, imbalance, gait problems, swallowing difficulties, and slurring of speech, A year ago, I began to do a lot of research and came across Rich Herbal Gardens (ww w. richherbalgardens. Here, we performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials of HM formulas for PD patients and further explored the mechanisms of high-frequently used herbs against PD. An antagonist is different as it attaches to the receptor, but blocks the action of the natural chemical. Update in therapeutic strategies for Parkinson's disease. “There’s a variety of different things. 660, 283–290. Success! My neurologist was very open when looking at alternative medicines and procedures, this alternative Parkinson's disease treatment is indeed a breakthrough. doi: 10.1016/j.jclinepi.2016.11.012, PubMed Abstract | CrossRef Full Text | Google Scholar, Athauda, D., and Foltynie, T. (2015). Int. Meta-analysis of 2 studies (Yu, 2016; Yang, 2017) showed that HM paratherapy was favor of NMSS compared with placebo (WMD: −9.19, 95% CI: −13.11 to −5.28, P < 0.00001; heterogeneity: Chi2 = 0.56, P = 0.45, I2 = 0%; Figure 4B). I’d like to know more about it, too. A trial (Li et al., 2016) had imbalanced baseline comparing HM with placebo. Z., et al. Since both these conditions are often associated with Parkinson’s disease, St. John’s Wort is considered to be helpful in treating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. doi: 10.3390/ijms17060904, Sun, F. L., Zhang, L., Zhang, R. Y., and Li, L. (2011). Neurosci Lett. Epidemiol. Medication is one way. Anti-spasmodic as well as anti-inflammatory properties of passion flower are helpful in boosting the cardiovascular system.Fish – Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that improve the health of the brain in a holistic manner. 17, 385–388. Neurosci. This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and it also relaxes the muscles. 2015:189239. doi: 10.1155/2015/189239, Wen, L. L., He, Y., and Ji, L. (2015). He led a team of researchers who found that curcumin, a compound of turmeric, may help fight Parkinson’s disease by disrupting proteins responsible for the disease and preventing said proteins from aggregating. (1992). After removing the trial, meta-analysis of 8 comparisons (Pan et al., 2009, 2011; Zhao et al., 2009; Chen M. Y. et al., 2014; Yu, 2016; Cai et al., 2017) showed that HM paratherapy was still superior to the placebo (WMD: −2.21, 95% CI: −3.19 to −1.22, P < 0.0001; heterogeneity: Chi2 = 3.46, P = 0.84, I2 = 0%; Figure 3B). G-QZ and C-SS: study conception and design; C-SS, H-FZ, Q-QX, Y-HS, YW, YLi, YLin, and G-QZ: acquisition, analysis and/or interpretation of data; G-QZ: final approval and overall responsibility for this published work. The drug - HU-308 - lessens devastating involuntary movements called dyskinesias, a side effect from years of treatment for Parkinson's disease. She graduated with a BSc in Genetics from the University of Newcastle and received a Masters in Biomolecular Archaeology from the University of Manchester, England. 18:256. doi: 10.1001/jama.292.11.1363, Findley, L. J., Wood, E., Lowin, J., Roeder, C., Bergman, A., and Schifflers, M. (2011). The male-to-female ratio was between 1.0 and 2.1. A previous study in Parkinson’s patients suggested that Zhichan powder helped to ease disease symptoms, especially gait disturbances, tremor, speech disorder, poor self-care ability, and restricted movement. 50, 270–276. You shouldn't do that, and here's why, 1940 Kings Hwy Unit 2, Port Charlotte, FL 33980, The Finishing Touch, Blast Cleaning & Powder Coating, 1077 Innovation Ave, North Port, FL 34289. However, most of included studies didn't formally register. It improves energy levels and gives relief from joint pain. Yellow dock, hawthorn and cayenne also perform the same function and bring relief to the patients of Parkinson’s disease by clearing off body toxins. (2014). Relat. 31, 439–47. Tagged substantia nigra, traditional chinese medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine Systems Pharmacology database, Zhichan powder. Evid. According to the Parkinson’s Foundation website, www.parkinson.org, the effects of medical marijuana for movement disorders are not completely understood. Using a computational method, they were able to screen for Zhichan active compounds that could have a therapeutic effect in Parkinson’s disease. Kotsirilos, V. (2005). Kowal, S. L., Dall, T. M., Chakrabarti, R., Storm, M. V., and Jain, A.


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