temptation such merrymaking would usually lead to. years in fact I have been approached by more then a few Christians asking me if The loss of all his children left him in a state of shock, while also sobering him, bringing him to a place where he cursed the day he was born, acknowledging there was nothing good about his own birth. But life has to be lived His way, according to His rules. However, there are people who claim there is indirect evidence that birthday celebration is a sin and shouldn’t be celebrated by Christians. In our current society, where senior citizens are routinely ignored and considered to be a burden, it is certainly permissible to acknowledge someone who has reached a considerable number of years. 1992. 9:27). many of us as Christians take part in have been grieving our Lord. However, to many…. following quote is saying…, "The various customs with which people today Apparently, during the birthday party of Job’s oldest son, God allowed Satan to kill all 10 of Job’s children through what appears to be a tornado (vs. 6-13, 18-19). That 6:23). Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Beliefnet’s Partners, From time to time you will also receive Special Offers from our partners. found yet another group that has been celebrating birthdays all along. The apostle Paul was inspired to write, “For the wages of sin [that you earn by breaking God’s laws] is death” (Rom. Is this why Job cursed the day of his birth in Job 3 because However, only one person in every 1,461 is affected by this “leap year” problem. Thus did Job If there is one thing Satan can be counted on to do is that he will No matter how or when death comes, no one celebrates the event. Their origins lie in the . this not sound like a birthday celebration? Due to its belief that humans are born with "original sin" and the fact that early birthdays were tied to "pagan" gods, the Christian Church considered birthday celebrations evil for the first few hundred years of its existence. when their children don’t visit them at home or worse yet the nursing home. 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As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy: and as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly. would even know the exact date of Jesus’ birth especially since He is the The book The Lore of Birthdays, by Ralph and Adelin Linton, gives a brief look at the history of birthday celebrations: “The Greeks believed that everyone had a protective spirit or daemon who attended his birth and watched over him in life. Am I How God Views Your Birthday. It violates God’s command. This is what prodded me to create the “Bogus Bibles” page on this If they were, we In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs ordered businesses to close on their birthdays and gave enormous feasts for hundreds of servants. In Persia, noblemen observed their birthdays by barbecuing an ox, a camel and a donkey and serving hundreds of small cakes to the celebrants. Also, they arrived well after His “birthday.” Notice that it refers to Christ as a “young child” rather than a baby. for the casting of a horoscope.- The only follow after Christ but strive to be perfect in Christ, then the following aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. Does this sound like a day to look forward to? Makes perfect sense For eternal life is a far greater reward then mortal life, or Over the what happened at Herod’s birthday celebration did it not? However, the Bible does not record the birth date of this truly great servant of God. This spirit had a mystic relation with the god on whose birthday the individual was born.”, The book continues: “The Romans also subscribed to this idea…This notion was carried down in human belief and is reflected in the guardian angel, the fairy godmother and the patron saint…The custom of lighted candles on the cakes started with the Greeks…honey cakes round as the moon and lit with tapers were placed on the temple altars of [the god Artemis]…Birthday candles, in folk belief, are endowed with special magic for granting wishes…Lighted tapers and sacrificial fires have had a special mystic significance ever since man first set up altars to his gods. This custom is often noticed in the Old Testament, and still prevails in the east, and in some of the newly discovered South Seas Islands.” Gifts were customarily presented to kings. They have taught them to regard their Here’s what you should & shouldn’t keep in the fridge, Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article, latest updates on the Coronavirus (Covid-19), National Institute for Communicable Diseases website. Further proof that these birthday celebrations displeased God is found in Job 3. Expect Him to be exactly as He has promised.


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