Hi Annie, great point! Since the couch is one piece (the seat cushions are not removable or reversible), you wouldn't want to spill anything on it. (Funny how that happens, ha!) They make what we do possible. sincerely Kathy Sampsell How to Build Your Own Sunrise Alarm Click Using Smart Bulbs, Are Standing Desks Worth the Hype? The legs match the Conan dining table and I like the contrast between the fabric seat and wooden legs even more in person! The Solae collection consists of 58 different pieces. Yours looks great! Our dog threw up on our leather Sven sofa (see the dark area in the bottom right corner in the pic where my daughter is reading). Super helpful review. On the day of, Article's delivery truck pulled up and the team efficiently unpacked everything! As I’m going through the same thing, I know it takes time to make a house feel and look just right, especially on a budget! Formerly Bryght, Article is an online-only, direct-to-consumer company that offers modern furniture for the living room, bedroom, dining room and beyond. « My New Article Leather Sectional (and why I returned it). Retails $1500. It takes a beating from daily life and from gatherings. We've had our Article furniture for a couple weeks now. “No chickens on the table or chairs” (outside). Thank you so much for sharing. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It looks great! As with most things, she was right. To see a more in-depth guide that he wrote on leather furniture care, checkout: How To Cleanup Spills, Remove Stains & Condition Furniture With Leather Oil . To maintain the leathers look and durability, you will need to apply leather oil infrequently. , @2019 Joyfully Growing Blog, LLC. It’s nice and deep which makes it perfect for a Netflix binge or curling up with a book. After about a month I've noticed a few instances of pilling, but easy to fix. Glad you like your final pick, you made the right choice! I hope all of that was helpful! I’ve added white pillows to it so you can see the difference in color. Because saying the sectional is pretty and I love it is actually a pretty terrible review. Since they are heavy, it is hard to easily move them to sweep under and around them. The Sven leather sofa will surely last for years (or decades) and serve as a comfortable spot when you need to relax. Ashley, I’m flipping back and forth from the Article Sven Charm(like yours) or the Nirvana. Every time I share a photo of our sofa on Instagram (we’re friends over on Instagram right?! All of our items arrived within 12 days. Perfect height! As they walked away I saw them slide their fingers gently over the leather, like they were touching the freaking Mona Lisa. The delivery man is the same as first time, a super friendly local guy in his personal vehicle and a covered trailer. The Timber looks so much better! The couch is nice, yes, but what the boys don’t realize is that we drive crappy cars. The pet hair shouldn’t be an issue because technically the dog is not allowed on the couch. The back cushions have sagged though and the leather gets scratched pretty easily. Despite the challenges, we love interior design, NYC real estate and wouldn't trade living here for anywhere else. I’m so glad you posted the final results after you returned the Mello. Even with our stains, I recommend it to my friends and would get another one for my own house. I think furniture with legs makes a room look much more airy. While it's too early for extensive wear and tear, so far we love everything. The seat cushion is more firm than the back cushions, but not too firm! Seriously really well-made. The color is a little lighter than what the photos look like. I've got lots of pictures of the new spaces as well! Testing the BDI Sit/Stand Desk, Robot Vacuum Review: The Roborock S5 (an affordable roomba alternative), Home Security Systems: How to Protect Your Home on Vacation, All the Best Furniture Stores in New York City, Youtube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Bloglovin, « How to File Taxes as a Blogger (with Free TurboTax Self Employed Giveaway!) Required fields are marked *. However, if the extensions were stored under the table, the table would not be as streamline. The place where the two pieces connect has great, easy to attach fasteners that hold everything in place. Great review! I shopped all over and settled on a local furniture company that allowed me to select a custom fabric from their design books. The leather is holding up great, but we are only a few months in at this point. I think the Ivory Vanilla color gives a nice organic, earthy look to our dark floors and pairs well with the Solae, even though they're not the same shade of white. If I could convince Article to outfit my entire house – I’d be all about that. But after about 6 months, that sort of went out the window and now it’s her favorite place to nap all day long. But, I think you made the right choice. Feel free to share! When the leather starts to look a little dried out, or starts looking a little lighter in color, it’s time to apply more oil! Thank you for the review. The material will not last an extraordinarily long time, so it makes sense to keep the budget pretty low. Would you ever buy furniture online, sight unseen? Remember, you get what you pay for. While it’s the most expensive furniture I’ve ever bought, it’s also about the nicest piece in the house and I have some hand-crafted, custom pieces that cost nearly as much. A. Also hoping for any Labor Day specials?????? Please keep in mind that all images and text on this site are property of Joyfully Growing Blog. The dining table also required some small assembly. This sofa being a more full bodied, almost masculine piece is keeping me from giving it top marks for style. They even broke down and took away all the shipping boxes! We create DIY tutorials and offer simple home decor tips that anyone can master. This is an incredibly comfortable sofa. Here is the sectional with all the cushions on backwards –. That said – you have great taste in couches! We find ourselves constantly moving the sections together to get the best seating. Am interested in the cigar sofa or Worthington. Another great aspect of Article? Can you do that for me?”. My paranoia was sharp stuff. Of course all opinions are my own and I’ll be sharing the good and the bad. Overall, we're quite happy with the quality of furniture for the price point. I have noticed a few couches from article that are leather on Instagram that look as if the cushions are sagging…wondering how your cushions have held up? I too, looked at all kind of reviews and after hours of looking I’m buying it today. Hi Claire! I also am dying over your story about telling your boys. It's comfortable enough to sit on for hours while working or just hanging out and the modular configuration is genius. However we have since moved it into our RV that we live in full time and it is our ONLY couch and gets used sooooo much. This business model keeps their overhead to a minimum and allows them to offer very competitive prices. Oh, price. Article’s newest scam is a $250 shipping charge on all orders! We’ve been thinking about buying some Article furniture for our new house. By purchasing this item, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future.


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