yup frame n linaer locks suck compared to the triad lock nothing beats it nothing yet anyway. Axis/good old lockback in no particular order. I just don’t trust them anymore….:/. Again, we never put a locking folder to work without first acknowledging that it's still a folding knife -- or, as fixed-blade snobs are fond of saying, After some thought, I redesigned the concept and have created the Sebenza Integral Lock which I believe to be the most rugged folding knife on the market.” By integrating the locking spring into the frame of the knife, Reeve reduced the number of components of a knife and increased the strength of the lockup. Not any length or size will be allowed. I don’t own any but thinking of getting crkt 2906, seems like a practical knife. Your email address will not be published. Functionality aside, axis locks are the coolest. Seen only in SOG blades, the Lock Arc-Lock System is similar to the Ax lock system. Just like the other types of jam, once opened, the blade is self-blocking. This system is available for Victorinox Swiss Army knives. Then you need to literally take 2 seconds and learn to google. Liner-lock folding knife Overall length: 7.8 inches Blade length: 3.11 inches X50Cr13MoV15 stainless steel Blade thickness: 0.12 inches Weight: 3.35Oz - 3.45Oz Solid wood handle 3 wood species: juniper, Oliver, , walnut. We asked Morgan Donaldson of BladeHQ for his reaction to the Lock Preference data: “I’m not too surprised on the lock type preference. This type of jam has an advantage, namely that due to the presence of the beak that actually effects the jam in the middle of the handle, it can exert greater pressure on the blade without accidentally closing it. KnifeNews delivers today's news for knife people like us. I showed them these pictures and they insisted it was abuse. Wise Company Emergency Food Supply Entree Variety, 25-Year Shelf Life, 60 Servings, Reputable Essential Oil Companies: Why doTERRA is Popular, Wilderness Survival Shelter Designs: How to Build One. We have our personal favorites, a couple of mechanisms that inspire more confidence than others. Grab a frame lock with lock slip and see how much your grip actually affects the lock. Closing it. To close the knife, press the metal piece, and the blade unlocks and can be locked. If this happened with a Spyderco you can bet that Sal would be handling the problem instead of blaming the user for a dud. Similarly, with the opening of the knife blade, the portion of metal (arched) blocks the blade and prevents it from accidentally closing due to the pressure exerted between the two elements. fixed blades that are often used for hunting, Power Outage Emergency Kit Checklist – Light and Power, Survival Gears – Emergency Tourniquet Strap One Hand, The Perigord Method For Raising Chicken & Tips For Taking Care of Chicken In The Cold Season, Growing Quails for Eggs and Meat – General Knowledge Guide, Best Garden Small Portable Generators Review 2020. They are not as sharp as blades with fixed blades that are often used for hunting, but because of their size and low weight they are efficient and are preferred by many. This is a knife that requires little in the way of an introduction. More substantial than a liner lock, and properly set up, a framelock does a very effective job of keeping the blade where it belongs. Specifically, if you’re getting a folding knife, there’s the issue of selecting the type of locking system fits your needs and preferences best.Locking systems are essential for folding knives because they prevent the knife from closing on your hand during use. Frame locks are great, but I have a hard time believing Chris Reeve invented it. :-D. Tri-Ad locks are my preference. The Arctic is a mid-sized... Last week TOPS Knives made a sad announcement: company founder Mike Fuller passed away earlier this month. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag/Kit – Be Equipped with 72 Hours of Disaster Preparedness Supplies for 4 People. The Spyderco Forums are a special place for many reasons, not least of all because members of the Spyderco crew often post and interact with fans on there –... Kyle Chumchal of KC Knives has joined the engineering team at Microtech. And I know that he apparently holds the patents, but I just personally find it hard to believe for some reason. If the metal piece is pressed, the knife blade may be closed. 275 Adamas folder -- watch it here or at the end of this article. Just like the other types of jam, once opened, the blade is self-blocking. Because the locking system is not 100% safe, it is used in “light duty” locks. Spyderco’s PM2 is godly. The edge of the blade forms, together with this piece of metal, a hook. Liner locks and framelocks are the same strengh. For example, if you're looking for a folding knife with a lock that makes it the equivalent of a fixed blade, the answer is simple: The name “Tony Bose” is one of... After some releases that play in the mid- to high-end production arena, Bestech is back with the Arctic, a brand new budget knife design.


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