But to put that in perspective, the bottom of the Mariana's Trench is under 1070 atmospheres of pressure, and is around 1 degree Celsius. Such ices are not molecular and may be considered as protons and oxygen dianions with mobile electrons [1666] and are expected at the core of giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn A partially ionic phase consisting of alternate layers of OH- and H3O+ at low temperatures has been suggested [1810].

Rapid compression—around 70,000 times normal atmospheric pressure in a tiny fraction of a second—caused the rapid freezing, he figures. They're classified by how they behave at certain temperatures and pressures. At pressures over about 5 TPa, it has been suggested that a phase splitting occurs with (the components of) H2O decomposing into a cubic Pa-3 H2O2 -formula phase and a hydrogen-rich phase, with metallization predicted at a higher pressure of just over 6 TPa [2114]. But under extreme compression, it is easier for dense water to enter its solid phase [ice] than maintain the more energetic liquid phase [water].". But under extreme compression, it is easier for dense water to enter its solid phase [ice] than maintain the more energetic liquid phase [water]."

What you're asking about is usually shown in a phase diagram.

Dolan said the work "helps us understand materials at extreme conditions.".

For that reason, liquids and solids are sometimes referred to as being incompressible. Would the water turn into solid because the water molecules are so close to each other?

Right now, you are breathing in air – a mixture of gases containing many elements such as oxygen and nitrogen.

(Think about a diving tank – 600 L of gas is compressed into a 3 L cylinder.) That's not the most interesting part, though.

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If I'm reading that diagram correctly, it actually appears to be easier to turn ice into water at -20C using pressure than to turn water into ice at 20C using pressure. Which is aprox 10,000 times the pressure of the air at sea level, this would not be easily achievable. not like most other substances.

Can flint be obtained from gravel that a player placed when it is mined? That's why water's so cool. As pressure increases, a few minor effects will happen: Water'll lose some volume (though it's not too compressible). Alternative views have been given; one is that the orthorhombic Pbcm structure is superseded by a _Pmc_21 phase above 930 GPa, followed by a _P_21 crystal structure at about 1.3 TPa and finally the metallic C2∕m phase above about 4.8 TPa [1818].

A bit off topic, my apologies.

But is this the basis for Ice 9 in Vonneguts Cats Cradle? If you go slow, and the cylinder isn't insulated, etc, that energy will conduct away as the cylinder naturally stays the temperature of its environment. For OP: Water works very differently to most other materials, the density of regular ice is lower than that of water (for normal atmospheric pressure, only changing the temp) due to the way it is structured. We don't have the resources that'll put enough force to compress? When the pressure was relieved, the ice melted. Far from getting a solid when you compress water, you can actually melt ice when you compress it, provided that it …

Here's the crazy part; for the same reason, if you have ice just barely cold enough to be frozen, you can compress it into a liquid! These phases are distinguished because the crystalline structure of the ice will be different in each phase. Water reaches its supercritical state at 373 degrees Celsius (703 °F) and 220 bars in pressure.

At what temperature is the 1.55 x 10^12 Pa? Hence the Sandia research.

Most things shrink when they get cold, and so they take up less space as solids than as liquids. Don't really know.

How does water pressure manifest itself on the molecular level?

It can be converted to a solid and will burst pipes and containers when frozen.

:) thanks. Almost every other liquid can do that. Forecasting Prices vs Returns by Deep Learning.


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